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Center of Scientific Research

The Research Group on Artificial Intelligence at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru is recognized, since May 2017 as a Center for Scientific Research by the National Council on Science and Technology CONCYTEC. The Center has strong áreas in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Images Processing, Data Mining, Computer Visión, and Natural Language Processing.


Human talent
Infrastructure and Equipment

Research Fields

  • Bioinformatics

    It is a discipline that allows applying computer tools to the study and management of biology data. In his field interact diverse areas of knowledge such as computer science, statistics and chemistry. Major research efforts in these fields include sequence alignment, gene prediction, genome assembly, structural protein alignment, protein structure prediction, gene expression prediction, protein-protein interactions, and evolution modeling.

  • Computer Vision (2D & 3D)

    Comprende el análisis y la interpretación de la información visual. La comprensión de la imagen se considera como un proceso que parte en una imagen o secuencia de imágenes (por ejemplo, proyecciones 2D de una escena estática o dinámica) y termina en una descripción interna de la escena. Los problemas de la interpretación de imágenes son el núcleo de los esfuerzos actuales para permitir hacer una máquina que tenga interacciones "inteligentes" con su entorno.

  • Natural Language Processing

    Tiene como objetivo conseguir que las computadoras procesen el lenguaje humano en sus diferentes niveles, como el morfológico, sintáctico o semántico. A partir de ello, se pueden desarrollar aplicaciones de diversa complejidad, desde un corrector ortográfico hasta un traductor automático.

  • Knowledge Engineering

    La ingeniería del conocimiento forma parte de la Inteligencia Artificial y su objetivo es diseñar y desarrollar de Sistemas Expertos intentando representar el conocimiento y razonamiento humanos en un determinado dominio.


  • ChAnot: An intelligent annotation tool for indigenous and highly agglutinative languages in Peru

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  • WordNet-Shp: Towards the building of a lexical database for a Peruvian minority language

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  • Corpus building and evaluation of aspect-based opinion summaries from tweets in Spanish

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  • Language identification with scarce data: A case study from Peru

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  • Classification of β-hairpin repeat proteins.

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  • Exploratory analysis for ontology learning of events on social media streaming in Spanish

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  • Ship-LemmaTagger: building an NLP toolkit for a Peruvian native language

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  • SenseDependency-Rank: A word sense disambiguation method based on random walks and dependency trees

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  • Scalable 3d shape retrieval using local features and the signature quadratic form distance

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  • Coh-Metrix-Esp: A Complexity Analysis Tool for Documents Written in Spanish

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